Sign Graphics • Digital Printing • Photomurals - Table of Contents and Storyboards

Collaborate with Charlie.

Combine elements from the examples given below.

Adapt their treatments for your design.

1. Hand-lettering and painting - signs, boats, pictures

2. America's Cup Yachts - Stars & Stripes, Mighty Mary, Young America

3. Supergraphics - Sleighride, Chessie, Inferno, Shaman, Nixie

4. Racing shell graphics - Brown University, Smithsonian Design Museum

5. Action Photography - Bjorn Borg tennis, Cape Cod Baseball League

6. FDR Memorial carving documentary - National Archives, Washington, DC

7. Da Vinci discoveries - articles & prints in Art Library, Sforza Castle, Milan

8. Photo-mural, storyboard banner - Grand Canyon at Uncle Jon's Coffee

9. Digital Imaging - figure and landscape treatments, lettering effects

10. Get your project "signed" by Charlie

Printed portfolio: text and storyboards

1. Hand-lettering and painting
2. America's Cup Yachts
3. Supergraphics
4. Racing shell graphics
5. Action Photography
6. FDR Memorial carving documentary
7. Da Vinci discoveries
8. Photo-mural, storyboard banner
9. Digital Imaging

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