1. Hand-lettering and painting

1. Hand-lettering and painting - signs, boats, pictures

Trained in hand-lettering by 84-year-old Mario Carmosino in the Sign Division of Butera School of Art, Charlie learned the tradition of clarity.

Free-hand execution of 62 characters and numerals in three major styles at any size establishes a pragmatic basis for visual communication.

Having viewed the 186 basic characters in all sizes and at all distances, indoors and out, Charlie can discern the effectiveness of a graphic for a given setting.

Direct layout around fittings and rigging on boats allows fine precision and a natural appearance in the finished result. Note how the graphics are arranged near seams, but not over them.

Eventually Charlie designed fonts to simulate his hand-lettering in vinyl. Available only through him, these hand-crafted fonts facilitate photographic mock-ups for approval by email.

Charlie's precise sign craftsmanship typically has accuracy to 1/16 or 1/32 of an inch.

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