5. Action Photography

5. Action Photography - Bjorn Borg tennis, Cape Cod Baseball League

Documenting signs with photography led Charlie to discover that the lens can see better than the naked eye. Study and experiment revealed how shutter speed, camera vibration, aperture, lens type, focus, and stray light influence image sharpness before light reaches the image plane.

Charlie has published 70 articles illustrated by photographs. During three years as Contributing Editor at Signs of the Times magazine, Charlie wrote technical articles about hardware and software, featuring photographs of real projects.

Smart features of modern cameras save time and effort, but they do not replace know-how in the mind behind the camera - fundamentals still apply, even with smart technology.

The action photos show 1) Bjorn Borg winning the Mentadent Champions Tennis Tournament singles title at Willowbend in Mashpee, MA and 2) the Cape Cod Baseball League, where major league prospects play during college.

A unique thing happened when Charlie took photos of past and future stars - the camera would tell him that Bjorn Borg looked at peace while competing at tennis, or that a future baseball star displayed great form. Charlie could "see" a story through the camera lens.

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