9. Digital Imaging

9. Digital Imaging - figure and landscape treatments, lettering effects

Imagine any of these imaging effects combined with examples from previous pages.

For polished illustrations, you could 1) cut a life-size figure from a photograph, 2) create a color pencil greeting card, or 3) add an oil-paint impasto or watercolor effect to a subject.

For lettering, you could 1) create a pattern or texture for a name, as with clouds for "Guys", 2) run words transparently over an image, 3) put an image or graphic in the shadow of the letter, 4) add embossing, outlines, and shadows to simulate gold leaf, fabric, and other materials, or 5) add shimmering airbrush effects by utilizing blends and gradations.

Charlie's work has been enlarged and reduced as shown at the top and bottom of the page.

1) He published the Color Standard print test while Contributing Editor for Signs of the Times magazine, and the eye is shown enlarged to about 3 feet wide. 2) On the other hand, his notorious "tennis chicken," printed on shirts for a USTA team trip to the Nationals, is shown reduced for USPS postage stamps.

Large or small, Charlie's work has been tested at the extremes.

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