8. Photo-mural, storyboard banner

8. Photo-mural, storyboard banner - Grand Canyon at Uncle Jon's Coffee

Camera handling requires adaptability for spontaneous situations, and the skill of extracting the most from limited means. A pocket camera can take remarkable pictures in the hands of a discerning photographer, as was the case in the 1940's, but the image must be examined minutely to determine suitability for large-format results.

These photos of the Grand Canyon were taken at less than maximum capacity of the camera - proof of Charlie's knowledge of camera handling and image quality. Picture quality counts more than mega file size.

The storyboard on the back cover of this album demonstrates rigorous understanding of imaging. Any one of the images along the border could be enlarged independently to 2 x 3 foot size. The storyboard could be enlarged with very good quality to cover the entire wall.

To produce a 4 x 6 foot image with confidence, a sign expert must look at both the image sharpness of the original photograph and the image definition of the file being printed. The expression, "measure three times and cut once" could never be more true than in the field of imaging for large format printing.

Charlie can evaluate and enlarge your image, take photos for a special purpose storyboard, produce an exterior banner, print your picture on canvas, or show you other functional options. Let Charlie's discerning eye can save you from expensive redo's.

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