3. Supergraphics

3. Supergraphics - Sleighride, Chessie, Inferno, Shaman, Nixie

Reputation for quality, by word of mouth, has been a great asset for Charlie.

Sleighride and Chessie were both done at Goetz Custom Boats in Bristol, RI. Sleighride hails from Nantucket. Chessie is the Loch Ness equivalent of Chesapeake Bay. These boats were executed with spray masks in conjunction with Itchiban Painters.

Shaman was executed with a combination of spray masks and hand painting in Mamaroneck, NY, also with Itchiban Painters.

Inferno, with a fireball on the bow and trailing flames, was rendered in vinyl. Charlie packed his gear in a van and drove to Chicago, IL to make fine-tune measurements before cutting the vinyl on site.

Nixie began with a paper-cut mermaid design supplied by the owner. Charlie added a fine outline, graduated greens to suggest swimming under water, and an embossed effect to suggest dimension. He designed multiple outlines and shadows for the name done in silver. Charlie installed the artwork at New England Boatworks in Portsmouth, RI.

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