6. FDR Memorial carving documentary

6. FDR Memorial carving documentary - National Archives, Washington, DC

An interview for a feature article on John Benson of the historic John Stevens Shop, Newport, RI, revealed that Benson had been selected to execute the inscriptions in stone for the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC. Charlie secured access to the construction site and documented Benson at work amidst heavy machinery and mud puddles.

Signs of the Times headlined the debut of the FDR Memorial with Charlie's cover story one full month before other magazines or news media featured the upcoming event. Charlie also gained recognition for more reporting.

Aware of the stone-carving photographs, the FDR Memorial Commission gave Charlie a press pass for the official dedication of the Memorial, when dignitaries would speak and the public would first be given access.

The droves of press photographers were relegated to bleachers in back of the guests, including prominent Senators and high-ranking administration officials. Speakers included President Clinton and CBS luminary Mike Wallace.

The FDR Memorial Commission chose Charlie's photographs above others as gifts for the President and Senators, and for placement in the National Archives. The Park Service features Charlie's photographs in the official guide sold at the Memorial.

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